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Last day in Montreal

It is with great sadness that my holiday must now come to an end, the last week and a bit has been absolutely fantastic. I have been to the top of the Empire State building, snoozed in Central Park, been on an 12 hour train journey, met some truly lovely people, drunk some very fine beer, seen how many burgers the guys from Terrorfakt can eat and taken around 2GB's worth of photos in the process (which I will put up in time, as there is an epic amount of editing to be done).

I depart at 9:30pm tonight local time and land around 9am GMT. The flight is around 6-7 hours, so I will be practically dead by the time I get home. Joy.
Thankfully I have a very good reason to come home on this occasion :)

For now though, I shall finish eating my Froot Loops and get packing.
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