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Moving house

For those of you that were not already aware, I will be moving house on the 1st of Sept. This time from our two bedroom flat to a very nice four bedroom house.

Unfortunately because of Sky and BT having issues with one another (i.e. Sky not telling BT about the previous owners cancellation) it is going to take something in the region of 20 days to get my phone line and internet back up and running. A somewhat less than desirable period of time.
So if you want to speak to me or need me to know about anything then please call or text me (message me if you do not have my number and would like it). I can still access Facebook and my email, but only in WAP form.

We are also looking to take on an additional tenant in the future. So if anyone knows anyone reasonably tolerable, reliable and preferably employed who would like to live on the south coast, give me a shout.

Oh and there will be a house warming this time! The planned date for which is Halloween.
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