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A truly splendid start to the year was had with helene_atsuko, following her request for me to accompany her to Torture Garden so that she might strut her stuff on the catwalk.
Now, is it me, or are events, gigs, etc more enjoyable when you can hide away backstage and chill out every so often? Either way, I donned my RAF uniform, had a splendid time and met some very cool new people.
Thank you to aster13 for providing a bed, tea and home made biscuits the following morning too. Along with some interesting information about the tunnel under Greenwich park.

Whilst we are on the subject of the new year, I resolve to do the following:

See more of my friends
Go out more
Visit Toronto
Find out for certain whether or not I am eligible for a Canadian Skilled Workers Visa
Build my railway
Go to the gym
Learn to shave with a straight razor

For now though, I must dash, as v15u4l_3rr0r is making pizza :)
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