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The inevitably inane ramblings of an indeginous islander

At her majesty's pleasure

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"No room for manoeuvre. The world is shrinking... like a rasin from a grape.
From East to West... from North to South... meeting your shadow and the echo of your mind before you even knew you'd left.
Landscapes curling through space, hewn from rock, cut from ice. Ships blur like the smears of hurled paint. Tracking the globe, soundtracking your dreams and visions...
Never dwell on past days. Leave those damp brown days alone.
Our future has more colour. More speed. More noise. Our future has more...
From jungle to city the recesses of your mind. Shake your head and free yourself.

Free yourself."

The chances are that if you have added me on here you know me in person, or at least reasonably well.
I'm a self-confessed geek/mac lover. I work in an office by day and do photography in as much of my free time as I can spare, I also like to play with swords.
I can be bribed with cups of tea, ice cream or bags of pick n mix and respond well to cuddles and stimulating conversation.

Some of the aforementioned photography. More examples can be seen on the above link.