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Post-move update

Hello once again to the realm of the internet.

I have yet to establish an internet connection at my humble new abode, however this should be sorted within the next few days.
On the subject of my humble new abode, the move went well, though as to be expected it was bloody hard work. My home is now a four bedroom seaside house split over three floors, complete with wooden floors and sash windows. It is very lovely indeed and already feels like a true home :)

In other news, doctors have informed me that in order to resolve certain medical issues I need either a series of injections in somewhere unpleasant or surgery. Neither option is appealing so I'm going to hold out as long as I can for the time being (if you don't already know what I'm on about and have a desire to know, contact me privately).
We also found out over the weekend that my dad has a half brother and that I have a half cousin. This news came as something of a surprise, all be it a pleasant one.

Anyway, enough about my life and it's strange goings on, what news have I missed from everyone else?
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